cdnAR : Augmented Reality App
cdnAR : Augmented Reality App
cdnAR : Augmented Reality App
cdnAR: Augmented Reality App

Description: cdnAR is an augmented reality mobile application. It is a demo mobile application. It is an in-house Android mobile app of CDN. The aim of this mobile app is to showcase the capabilities in the new and growing technology of Augmented Reality. This app is developed for presenting the demonstration of our work in Augmented Reality technology, so that business can boost. It is a best way to explore the fun.

Watch demo of cdnAR: Augmented Reality App.

How to use this app?
• Downlaod the image from and take a print.
• Download cdnAR and install and open it.
• On camera, view the image from camera and adjust to see in 3D.
• Now, you can rotate the paper below and see the object and explore the fun.

Technical Specification:
• Client: CDN Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
• Location: Indore, India
• Technology: AR, Titenium, Java, Objective C
• Team Size - 3
• Domain - Technology

Download cdnAR: Augmented Reality App for Android


cdnAR : Augmented Reality App