CDN Apps Center

CDN Solutions Group is an ISO 9001:2008 certified IT Solutions Company located in central India. We develop services and solutions for various industry verticals. CDN established itself as a service based company in the year 2000 and with the period of time the organization has also started developing in house applications for platforms including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Intel, Nokia, Windows Phone and many more. We have developed a good number of applications that we have showcased at one place known as CdnAppCenter or also called as iLabs or innovation Labs. CdnAppCenter is a store of all Mobile and desktop apps developed by CDN Solutions Group. Our app center makes it easy for our users to search for and download our applications. All the mobile and desktop applications we offer in this lab are free. There are few paid also. Users can download the applications from their respective stores.


Mission CDN App center is created with an intention to get CDN intellectual products collected at one place. So, it will ease users. This division will also help people looking for an app solution but need to furnish their ideas. The CDN App Center is established to share with you our knowledge, skills and tools.